Pal Zileri

Pal Zileri Men's Oyster Bomber Jacket - BROWN

$499.99 CAD $1,595 CAD

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Multi pockets and multitasking, the new oyster jacket is an iconic garment that contains in a single outerwear the convenience of 13 internal and external pockets where you can store everything you need to face the day: from the smartphone to the tablet. Also equipped with comfortable cuff pockets for credit cards and passes that allow contactless operations. Resistant to wind, rain and creases.


Since its inception in Italy in 1980, Pal Zileri has become one of the world's most famed purveyors of Made in Italy tailoring. Committed to traditional handcraftsmanship and Italian style for more than 35 years, this exceptional company continues to outfit discerning gentlemen all-over the globe, offering its exquisite selections of men's Pal Zileri coats, tailored suits, shirts and sportswear. A blend of classic silhouettes and avant-garde techniques is what defines each new season collection, as well as a dedication to the finest textiles.


  • 60% cotton, 40% polyester
  • 13 internal and external pockets
  • Adjustable hood

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