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How the Breakaway Luxury Brand 34 Heritage Has Hit Gold

34 Heritage

For the first time in history, people are beginning to view aging as attractive. The power of listening enables brands to build up data about their audience through behavior monitoring. Still, marketing experimentation coupled with the consumer response that is product generated, remains deeply revealing. For years Ardie Ulukaya has been the creative tour-de-force behind 34 Heritage denim. Although he maintains his position as SVP at Mavi Jeans, he is still the ultimate arbiter of  denims stretch and comfort and style for men 40 and older. In order to understand 34 Heritage is to understand a reverse-positioned brand. You see, 34 Heritage has positively made a well thought out decision to defy the up-trend in a category which consumers expect to augment. Reverse brands are unapologetically stubborn and speak with forthright conviction.

As many jean brands compete for the same trending business, 34 Heritage takes a separate path. What Ardie did was add a generous dose of extravagance and cool for a market that was all but forgotten about when it comes to denim. You see the beauty of the breakaway business is that if studied correctly, it will lead the consumer to a familiar place. In the case of 34 Heritage, the familiar place was men over 40 years with a mindset out in looking good and relevant, the latter certainly opening doors and special opportunities. Look, the aging process on all of us will take those jeans that once looked great on you, all of a sudden seem as dated as your Prince albums. I am often asked by consumers  "What shall I do with my old wardrobe?" and my response is simple; Donate it or throw it out. The latter being the better option as there is almost no-one on the planet who wants to wear your old worn out jeans from 2009. My point is; styles change and bodies change.


The main attribute at 34 Heritage is FIT. Sizing and perfected fit are the core value propositions.  Any jean company can create a 32x32 but many fail to address men whose bodies’ fall outside that “perfect” proportion. 34 Heritage was created with this in mind, and delivers impeccable modern and classic fits for gentlemen of various shapes and sizes. The premium fit and shape of 34 Heritage provides a style guaranteed to complement men of any age – this is why the brand continues to deliver to an elite and empowered audience and have built a loyal following.

34 Heritage SS 2018
The brand has four keys fits offered in a complete range of sizes and inseams.
  • Charisma with a higher back rise for comfort. Trim thighs eliminate excess fabric and the straight leg makes it a classic fit and  is offered up to a 50” waist.
  • Courage mid-rise straight leg, slightly tapered leg from the knee down
  • Cool a modern, slim fitting jean with a comfortable rise and tapered leg from the knee down.
  • Naples straight leg chino, offered in lux stretch twill and an incredible hand feel for all day wear.

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