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Ltd Edition Canada 2010 Olympics INUKSHUK Soapstone Carvings

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INUKSHUK  - ONLY 26 Available 

A Piece of Canadian Heritage and Historical Significance

The Inuksuit that are being offered were produced for the Canadian Winter Games (2010). 

These wonderful Inukshuk Soapstones were found treasures destined for 2010 Canadian Winter Olympic Games.

This is your chance to own a piece of Canadian Heritage and Historical Significance. 

The Inukshuk was part of the logo for these games. Northern Arctic Producers a division of the Arctic Co-operatives Ltd. was asked to participate with the production of these Inuksuit.  The Co-op reached out to the artistic communities across the arctic to produce these Inuksuit.  The artists were given parameters on the size of these sculptures.  The Inukshuk had to fit a beautiful metal case with a window.  Only 5000 were needed but 10,000 were produced.  The other 5,000 were released to galleries throughout Canada and the world.

The Inukshuk (Inuksuit plural) are stone structures erected by the Inuit of various shapes and sizes that represent many purposes. In the barren arctic landscape, these Inuksuit are used as landmarks. From a distance, the presence of a figure is a welcoming image. 

Many of the Inuksuit have been there for centuries. Inukshuk means ‘acting in the capacity of a human’. Inuk means ‘a human being’.

The Inuksuit come in all shapes and sizes and have different meanings and uses. Inuksuit stand strong and eternal, sharing wisdom, knowledge, and hope.  Some are used for hunting, others as guides to the sea, and some as portals. 

The Inuksuit that are being offered were produced for the Canadian Winter Games (2010). 



Height - 5 inches

Width - 3 Inches



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