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Check Out Patrick Assaraf With Eden

It All Started With a White T-Shirt

Patrick Assaraf is a luxury importer based in Canada with over 25 years of experience. Using all the knowledge he had gained over the years, he started his own label with a single item: the white t-shirt. It was a surprisingly strong success from the start! When people tried on his t-shirt, they became fans for life

After crafting the perfect tee, Patrick ran with the success and ideas and evolved his collection into so much more. He applied the same design philosophy to the rest of his designs to perfect an entire line of the highest quality mens staples.

Feel The Luxury For Yourself

All of Patrick Assaraf's pieces are crafted with luxury in mind. From the cuts and stitches, to the fabrics and materials they use, all speak volumes about the designer's philosophy. 

When you first get your hands on a piece from them, you can instantly tell that there is something special about it. The velvety smooth hand-feel is enough to convert anyone who loves comfort and luxury.