How to Look Sexy Over Forty

We reach a certain age and become invisible, not relevant, not sexy ,not hot, no freaking way! You can look smoking hot at any age. I'm going to show you three simple ways to bring your sexy back at any age. Now more than ever it is really important to remind yourself that you are still a woman, you are still hot and you still got it!


Really simple way that you can add a little hotness to your look at any age is to have some strategic cutouts. Cut Out tops are very on trend right now and they are a great way to create that peek-a-boo effect. That little peep of skin but still keeping it classy, elegant, sophisticated and age appropriate.


Bust out the leather or faux leather. Anything leather, it could be a skirt, could be a blazer or could be a top any of these options to pair with a bottom to give it a sexy elevated look. It's something about leather that adds that edginess and sexiness to an outfit. It says, I’m a confident, stylish woman. I know what I want and I am going to go after it.


Look for pieces with sheer panels & fabrics. Shear panels make you feel delicately beautiful, elegant & sexy. Pair it with a pair of tailored dress pants or a denim dark wash which will make you look effortlessly chic & stylish.

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